Psalm 64

Protection from Evildoers

1. God, hear my voice when I am in anguish. Protect my life from the terror of the enemy. 2. Hide me from the scheming of wicked people, from the mob of evildoers, 3. who sharpen their tongues like swords and aim bitter words like arrows, 4. shooting from concealed places at the blameless. They shoot at him suddenly and are not afraid. 5. They adopt an evil plan; they talk about hiding traps and say, “Who will see them?” 6. They devise crimes and say, “We have perfected a secret plan.” The inner man and the heart are mysterious. 7. But God will shoot them with arrows; suddenly, they will be wounded. 8. They will be made to stumble; their own tongues work against them. All who see them will shake their heads. 9. Then everyone will fear and will tell about God’s work, for they will understand what he has done. 10. The righteous one rejoices in the Lord and takes refuge in him; all those who are upright in heart will offer praise.

Father God, we lift our voices to You in Praise and Thanksgiving. We are in a situation we have never been before in our life time. We are in anguish over the situation of circumstance. I ask gracious Lord, protect me and my loving family from evildoers. Arrows of bitterness, through physical and vocal attack all around. Even though we have government powers with us the evil ones are not afraid of justice. They do not care “Who will see them.” Their evil plans are well constructed, no one knows the mysterious actions or the condition of their evil hearts. God I know You have complete control of world actions and situations, I know that evil doers have to be allowed to act and commit their terror on the innocent, would You please intervene and bring calm and peace to our land? Evil is never appropriate as we see it, but I know that You have used evil ones in the past to complete Your will. In the end You will use their own tongues of evil against themselves and the others will stand by witnessing this, but shake their heads. Then the innocent ones will lift up Your name and pronounce Your divine intervention and power. You God are our God, You are the light of this world, one day the light will go out and judgment will arrive to correct the darkness that continues to grow.