I feel unsteady, shaky, unsettled.  Why is this?  Oh, man you know, don’t play games with God about your messed up situation.  God sees right through your pretense, and make believe.  God is waiting for you to crack the whip on yourself and realize how foolish you are.  You have lost your way, wait, no I don’t believe you ever had it.  The sin in your life has pushed you away from God.  If you love God you would come to Him asking for mercy and forgiveness.  Could this be you?

So many times I have been there in that spot, but, I never seem to receive a response from God.  I know God is working all around me, I want to have this love relationship and then have Him invite me to join Him in what He is doing, I would ask, “God will you show me what you are doing and what your gonna do?”  I want so much to be included in Your work.  Through Bible reading and prayer you will come within proximity of God, however, prayer (communication) is how we interact with God.  He wants to communicate with me, but I have to pray.  How can I love God with all my heart mind and soul if I will not communicate with Him.  If I truly loved God, I would so much want to pray and interact with Him.

Dear God, please forgive me, I confess my laziness, and lack of concern.  I confess all my sins to You, have mercy on me, forgive me. You said in Your Holy Word that is if I confess my sins, You are faithful and righteous to forgive me my sins and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness. I confess my sins. 

Holy Spirit I believe You are around me, I believe in You, and accept You into my life.  I give You 100% control of my life, O’ Holy Spirt take control of myself, and lead me to do Your bidding.  I surrender all, you have control of my life, I yield all things to You.  I praise You blessed Father, thanking You always for Your great Love and Longsuffering.  I lift up Your Holy name in all Praise and Thanksgiving.  Thank You God for Jesus, that even while I was a sinner You gave Your only begotten Son to pay my sin debt.  I praise You always, Lord Jesus, for taking my place.  I deserve Hell but You wanted to be with me and loved me even while you were on the cross.  Father I ask will You bless my family, keeping them safe, I pray for their salvation, let Your Holy Spirit convict and draw them to You Heavenly Father, that they would repent and seek Your Glorious Face.  Thank You Lord God.  You are my fortress, my refuge, I will praise You continuously in my heart.  Teach me Father God how to Love You more than before, help me to be more like Jesus day by day.  Thank You Lord Amen and Amen.