God said that Israel would return to their land that He gave them in the Old Testament, and they would never be driven out.  God will fight for them and defend all that they do.  That’s not to say that they will all be protected.  In the end days, two thirds of the Israelites will perish, but, there will be a remnant spared, and God will see to it that they are cared for, this is in Revelation chapter 12.  As I look at the events of the day, I see today at this very minute, a pestilence that is causing world panic, not the flu, but a mutated virus, and there is no cure at this time.  It is worldwide.  The economy is going backwards.  All the leaders were bragging and boasting about how well the economy was doing, boasting about their genius plans of how they had improved the economy, more jobs, higher wages, and etc.  However no one thought to thank God in heaven for His blessings to this country, now it seems as if everything gained is slowly being lost and taken away.  Also my thoughts are on yet another severe subject, Russia and Saudi Arabia.  They are having a conflict about oil.  Russia, if I have it correct, stated that they would not be dictated to about their oil production or prices, they have denied cooperating any further with OPEC+, and said they will not cut production.  As a matter of a fact they want to make the American oil industry suffer, and feel the pain as they have suffered in the past.  

Russia was especially irked by the U.S.’s use of sanctions to prevent the completion of a pipeline linking Siberia’s gas fields with Germany, known as Nord Stream 2.  The White House has also targeted the Venezuelan business of Russia’s state-oil producer Rosneft.  “The Kremlin has decided to sacrifice OPEC+ to stop U.S. shale producers and punish the U.S. for messing with Nord Stream 2,” said Alexander Dynkin, president of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations in Moscow, a state-run think tank. “Of course, to upset Saudi Arabia could be a risky thing, but this is Russia’s strategy at the moment – flexible geometry of interests.”   Quotes from Bloomberg news.

This article was headlined with the following header;

Putin dumps Saudi leader to start a war on America’s shale oil industry

Russia has the ability and the force to take what they want, and the other Islam countries that hate America, as Putin does, will join him to take the oil, and boost their economic positions, especially if Russia shares with all its allies.  (Read Ezekiel 38-39.)

The end result in all this is that there will be so much oil produced in the world that there will be nowhere to really store it.  China, as well as many other third world countries, have stopped traveling, including the airlines, and the oil is piling up because no one is using it.  I have said for many years, when the gas prices go up, people stop traveling, so when demand falls, supplies go up and prices go down again.  The economy of America, and other free nations actually dictate what happens in the business world.  China for instance has stopped traveling and the like because they have this virus infection, and their leaders have caused much of the country to stop.  They were using 20 percent or so of Saudi Arabia’s oil production.  Saudi will still have to produce the same level of oil or more in order to maintain their economic position.  Oil is their biggest money maker, this will cause oil prices to fall even further, could go below 30 dollars a barrel.  On the other hand, from the bible point of view, this sets the stage for this wonderful person called the Anti-Christ to come on the scene and solve the world’s problem.  However this also is a spiritual marker for the Christians.  The Rapture.  We believe that the rapture will take place before the Anti-Christ makes his day view.  At any rate, we can see prophecy being fulfilled every day in these latter days.  God Bless You All.